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I have discovered that art is hidden in every detail around us. From a wonderful ray of sunshine in the summer reflected in the window or a snowflake caught in my gloves in the winter, to the beautiful structures of the most famous architect.

Silvia, Watercolorist

My Story


My name is Silvia and I was born in Peru. I have lived there for most of my life. I graduated as an architect and worked in different areas of the profession, from real estate to interior architecture. The work I most enjoyed during that period was the time I spent in front of the big blank sheets of paper, coloured pencils and digital design programmes. Decoration and the infinity of colours have always trapped me, making me lose nights of sleep.

In 2006 I emigrated to Switzerland, where I started my family.
After many years and after postponing my childhood dreams, I decided to paint and let myself be carried away by what my mind and my hands express through drawing, doing what I love the most; giving colour to everything I can design.

In 2019 I returned to traditional watercolour painting, work as Freelance Illustrator and decided to create Alba in blue.





The name Alba in blue is a summary of what was happening when I decided to reorient my professional life. The Alba that signifies the beginning, the light and the renewal, which appears within the deep blue in which I felt immersed.

Alba in blue is now the reason why every day I face a blank sheet of paper to fill it with colour and leave my love and dedication there.

My favourite subjects to illustrate are man and nature. Sometimes abstract, often figurative. Animals adopt human habits and man merges with what he should never forget, his housemates: flora and fauna.

With my illustrations I try to reach every corner of that intimate space we have and transmit to the viewer the attachment to life, the care of nature. To connect them with the colour and the emotion of inhabiting this wonderful planet.

I hope you like my work and that you can feel as much satisfaction as I do when I draw.

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