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Atelier Alba in Blue

Unlocking the Door

News coming soon!

What we
will offer


Private Watercolour lessons

At your own pace and personalised. Learn a new relaxing and creative painting technique such a watercolour.


Drawing for begginers

You can draw!

Let's overcomer our fear of drawing together. Everyone can draw and I.ll show you how in the Studio. 

With pencil, colours tempera or all together.


Hablemos español

I love to meet new people and talk to them.
If you want to practise your Spanish, come and visit us.
We will have a good conversation over a cup of coffee and some sweets.


Offenes Atelier

You are the protagonist.

You can develop your own projects in the studio, where I will support and guide you if necessary.


Creative Workshops for Children and Young people

Children and young people are invited to get creative and discover how to enjoy painting themselves.

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